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Mimikresonanz® Fundamentals

Lay the foundation for a deeper understanding of human emotions and motives. Immerse yourself in a world of facial expressions that enable you to recognize emotional states in the people around you. With a solid knowledge of human emotions, how they get triggered and what they tell us, you will not only develop a better understanding of others but also gain improved awareness of your own needs. Unleash your potential by discovering the power of emotional intelligence and achieve a groundbreaking impact on your life, as well as your professional and personal relationships.
Develop and sharpen your skills to recognize and interpret even the smallest subtle expressions accurately. You will learn to perceive nonverbal signals even at low emotional intensity by delving deeper into the intensity and duration of expressions. Additionally, signals from head position and other channels of body language will be included to further enhance your detection abilities. Keep training your observation skills to perceive the fine nuances in every moment and respond confidently. Become a specialist in nonverbal communication and positively influence your professional and personal environment.
In the WHOLECEPTION® Profiling Seminar, you will dive deeper into the science of our personalities. Discover the traits that have been found in independent, cross-cultural studies and what they may reveal about our talents and needs. I will show you how to better understand your counterpart and assess their fundamental needs through subtle nonverbal signals. Is a person rather quick in making decisions and wants to get to action as fast as possible or does that person rather analyse things in detail before taking the next step? With a deeper understanding of your counterpart's personality, you will be able to establish a cooperative and trusting atmosphere in conversations.
This seminar is all about you and your impact on other people. Here, you will learn how certain signals from facial expressions, gestures, body language, clothing, etc., influence your impact on the world around you. Through self-tests during the seminar, you will get an idea of how you come across to others. You will then get the chance to assess whether it aligns with your essence and the impact you would like to achieve and how you can put yourself into the right light so others can see who you are. With various tools, you will learn to authentically take control of your presence. Discover your full potential and become the creator of your own impact.

Transform your
whole team

In-house seminars

I offer all seminars, as well as combinations of these, for your company as in-house seminars. Please contact me to discuss your needs.

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