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My Big Five

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an open, emphatic and cooperative environment for real interpersonal relationships


exploring places, cultures and new perspectives, leaving comfort zones and keep learning


be aware of my values and live and act clearly along these values




not always taking myself and the world too seriously and finding joy in what I do


Looking beyond symptoms to find holistic and (environmentally) sustainable approaches

Leeres Büro

Something about me:

I grew up in a loving family in a small town on the northern edge of Berlin.

After finishing school, I initially devoted myself to technical and purely logical topics. Electrical engineering,  automation technology, and computer engineering during my studies. In these fields, there is little room for interpretation. Something is right or wrong, something works or doesn't work, something is 1 or 0. Everything follows fixed rules and is somehow simple.

At the same time, I enjoyed spending time abroad and still do. Working or studying somewhere else for a longer period of time has had a lasting impact on me. Getting out of my own bubble and getting to know different cultures has allowed me to take on different perspectives. Of course, it has also been a lot of fun and valuable international friendships have been formed.

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In my first jobs during my studies, it turned out that I needed both areas. Being able to logically evaluate whether something can work or not, but also being able to take on different perspectives and mediate between different views. Even as a student, I spent a lot of time as a communicating between different teams or between management and developers. After being involved in a start-up, I also started to interact with customers and the public. There were different expectations, views, and personalities, and everyone had different needs.

I began to delve into agile frameworks and product development and gradually grew into different roles and positions.

Through the international Agile community in Berlin, I quickly got involved in my own personal development. Many intensive workshops on emotional agility, coachings and trainings have shown me a completely new world of emotions, in addition to the logical knowledge I already had. This has given me confidence and methods that I could test and apply in my work life every day.

Emotional intelligence and authenticity became increasingly important aspects of my life. In both professional and personal environments, the values and emotions of people should have a place.

Suppressing or postponing emotions because they are "inappropriate" in the current situation can lead us to distance us from each other and even from ourselves. Sadness, anger, fear, joy, and so on are ALWAYS parts of us and we can learn to better understand what important messages they have for us.  

This knowledge and openness to everything that is there have changed my work as an IT consultant, Scrum Master, and trainer and have demonstrably improved my results. In my trainings, I place great emphasis on practical relevance and draw on experiences from various roles from the start-up to the corporate environment. Learning through examples from personal and professional areas is in my opinion the best way to successful integrate new learnings into everyday life.

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