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Finally seminar content that I can apply immediately...


empathischer Team Coach


As a Scrum Master or team lead it is my goal to establish an open and appreciative team culture. Especially in cross-functional teams we bring people together with different strengths, backgrounds, personalities and needs. Here are conflicts not only inevitable, they are necessary! If I want to use all the potential in my team, we need to have a team culture where we can ask critical questions and learn from each other. But do we have such a safe space? Is my team ready for open communication? Are there walls within the team? Do I see misunderstandings or even power struggles?


Signals in interpersonal behavior can tell me e.g. how much connection or sympathy we have within our team.

When I see that there is tension within my team that keeps them from doing their magic, I can address that in a supportive way. If I have an understanding of the individual personalities and their needs as well as the teams personality, it will be much easier to create a space in which the team as a whole can grow, and also each individual person. 

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