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Empathie unter Freunden und Familie.jpg



Our loved ones, including family and friends, hold an invaluable place in our lives. With them we share both pleasant and unpleasant emotions in a remarkably intimate setting. Especially within these relationships I can ask myself: "When on average I only perceive 61% of peoples feelings, don't I miss a fairly large part of them?"

I can train my perception like a muscle in order to to recognize wishes, objections and fears of other people and also whithin myself.

"Why didn't you say something? I assumed everything was ok..."

Did I just offend someone? Did my girlfriend misunderstand what I said? Is my partner drifting away from me right now? Are my children telling me everything was ok at school but I see something is bothering them? Do I perceive that beneath an undeniable anger, there may be grief or fear that actually needs attention? Sometimes, giving someone your attention or acknowledging and understanding their feelings can make a big difference in how close you are to your loved ones. These small actions can help strengthen your relationships with them.

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