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Empathie in Interviews


In job interviews I am either looking for a new job myself or am looking for support in my company e.g. as a recruiter. In both cases I want to quickly evaluate if the other party fits my needs and expectations. I'll ask myself questions like: "What does the other person think of me after this short meeting?", "Did they answer my questions honestly?", "How was my statement or request received?"

Non-verbal behavior, particularly during stressful situations, can often reveal fears, doubts, or skepticism.


How does the applicant feel when I mention the amount of leadership responsibility or paperwork the position comes with? Conversely, how does the recruiter respond when I express my aspirations and future plans as an applicant? When I notice any concerns or questioning in peoples expressions, I can utilize response statements or ask further questions to gain clarification. This not only helps to avoid any potential misunderstandings but also prevents a mismatch between both parties.

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