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Freundliche empathische Chefin



As a leader, I aim to keep turnover low in order to establish stable teams, consistent productivity, and a healthy company culture. Frequent turnover often comes with high costs. It can be especially painful when the ones who are leaving are our most creative minds and we didn't see their needs. This leads to additional recruitment processes, potential gaps and lengthy knowledge transfers. Team dynamic can suffer, and it can be challenging to restore it. Do I want to loose my people to other companies simply because I didn't see their needs?

Nonverbal cues such as facial expressions and body language can indicate feelings of dissatisfaction and objections that are not openly expressed.

By developing the ability to recognize certain signals and knowing what they indicate, we can be proactive in addressing issues as they arise. Leaders with higher emotional intelligence have been found to foster greater employee loyalty and satisfaction—which also results in lower turnover rates. When employees feel like their needs are recognized and addressed, they will be more engaged and productive in their work.

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