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Sat, 29 Jul


Prague [Language: English]

Noticing Silent Objections [ENG]

Learn to notice objections that remain unspoken and attend to them to create deeper and more cooperative relationships!

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Noticing Silent Objections [ENG]
Noticing Silent Objections [ENG]

Time & Location

29 Jul 2023, 09:00 – 18:00 CEST

Prague [Language: English], Prague, Czech Republic

About the event

Price:     € 205,-


Do we have the same understanding? Are we going into the same direction?


Relationships are the cornerstone of our success, shaping every aspect of our lives. Together, we plan, work, laugh, negotiate, navigate conflicts, and support one another. It is through these connections that we thrive and accomplish great things. But do we recognize when something still stands between us?

When it comes to negotiations, coachings, or handling conflicts, establishing a shared understanding is the foundation we build on. It is a key that unlocks our ability to collaborate effectively on the issues at hand. The words "I feel understood" have a significant impact on our cooperative relationships.


Two keywords to effectively work on topics together or find the right product for our clients are therefore empathy and trust.

However, especially in new professional or personal relationships, the depth of communication may not have reached the level where concerns or objections will be expressed openly. This is where our perception comes into play! Can we recognize objections even when they remain unspoken?


Yes! Emotional states or cognitive processes can often be perceived through facial expressions or nonverbal signals of our bodies, even when they are not consciously expressed or when a person is not even aware of them at all. By noticing these key moments, we gain the opportunity to direct our shared attention to what is important to people like our colleagues or clients right now. The result is a mutual sense of being understood and a strengthening of the cooperative bond. We will get quicker access to the wishes and motives of our conversation partner, we will get a better understanding of what is particularly important to them, and through this deep understanding, we will manage to identify or even avoid potential future problems.



What will you learn in this seminar?

In this seminar, you will gain insight into three of our primary human emotions that play a crucial role in negotiations. You will learn how these emotions are triggered, what needs they reveal, and how you can recognize them in the facial expressions of the people around you. Additionally, you will become acquainted with the seven nonverbal signals of objections, which provide you with important indications that something still stands between you and your counterpart. Through practical exercises, you will train to recognize these signals and learn how to handle them with appreciation.



Why is this seminar essential for consultants, (team) coaches, managers, and also for every individual?

By training our perception to see and understand needs, we not only strengthen our professional and personal relationships but also increase our success. Companies and consultants have proven to achieve higher closing rates and enhance customer satisfaction through a deeper understanding of their clients. Managers with increased emotional intelligence achieve higher employee engagement, and especially in cross-functional teams, different perspectives on the same topic frequently arise. Recognizing when something still stands between us and knowing how to deal with it helps us in all our relationships.



Secure your spot in this seminar here and gain a deeper understanding of your clients, employees, colleagues, and loved ones. Learn to recognize and resolve objections early on before they become a problem. Choose a path that opens hidden doors and enables you to perceive not only what is said but also what is unsaid. After this seminar, you will perceive yourself and the world around you differently!

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