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Fri, 12 Jan


Berlin [Language: German]

WHOLECEPTION® Fundamentals [GER]

Discover the world of emotions and nonverbal communication to deepen your relationships!

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WHOLECEPTION® Fundamentals [GER]
WHOLECEPTION® Fundamentals [GER]

Time & Location

12 Jan 2024, 09:00 CET – 13 Jan 2024, 18:00 CET

Berlin [Language: German], Berlin, Germany

About the event

Regular: € 679,-

Early Bird: € 599,- (For registrations up to 60 days prior to the event)


Welcome to the WHOLECEPTION® Fundamentals Seminar - the ultimate key to deepening your  private and professional relationships by enhancing your emotional intelligence. Immerse yourself in a world full of hidden signals and gain a profound understanding of the emotions that drive our daily actions.



Who is this seminar for?

Whether you're an experienced consultant, a self-employed coach, an inspiring leader, or simply someone who wants to understand the subtle nuances of human communication - this seminar is designed for you! Here, you will gain scientifically grounded knowledge about human emotions, how we can spot them, and how we can benefit from this knowledge both professionally and personally.



What will you learn in this seminar?

Over the course of two seminar days, I will take you on a journey through seven of our primary human emotions: their triggers, functions, and how to recognize them nonverbally through facial expressions. With this knowledge, you will be able to identify the needs of others and know how to respond to them. In addition to the primary emotions, you will also get to know the WHOLECEPTION Compass of Motives®. This tool will teach you how to navigate through the four neural core motives that drive human behavior, enabling you to understand the needs of people around you like your colleagues, clients or friends on an even deeper level.



What is included?

A 50-page script with detailed information and references to latest studies will accompany you throughout your learning process. By testing your ability to recognize emotions before and after the training, you will receive direct feedback on your progress. And the best part: you will receive free access to the WHOLECEPTION® online training, allowing you to sustainably train your ability to recognize lightning-fast facial expressions (microexpressions) that last only 40 milliseconds!



Why is this seminar essential for consultants, coaches, leaders, and every individual?

By developing our perception to see and understand needs, we not only strengthen our professional and personal relationships but also increase our success. Companies and consultants achieve higher closing rates and enhance customer satisfaction through a deeper understanding of their clients. Leaders with a higher emotional intelligence foster greater employee engagement. And not to forget: individuals with higher emotional intelligence earn higher annual incomes and are less susceptible to issues like burnout.



Secure your spot in the upcoming WHOLECEPTION® Fundamentals Seminar here and gain a deep understanding of your clients, employees, colleagues, and your loved ones. Choose a path that opens hidden doors and empowers you to perceive not only what is said but also what remains unspoken. After this seminar, you will observe yourself and the world around you in a different light!


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