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Finally seminar content that I can apply immediately...
empathetic consultant


As a consultant, I strive to achieve the greatest possible satisfaction with my customers in order to create a trustworthy relationship and ultimately to also win further projects. But how can I tell if my client is really satisfied? Not every concern gets verbalized right away. And it is definitely better when I see something is off and I ask my client about it than the other way around.

Distinguishing real joy from a social smile can be a game-changer in these relationships.


Being able to understand the needs of my counterpart can drastically improve the quality of the relationship. Have I already met the needs with my current suggestions or results? Do I see real joy when presenting my work or is there a feeling of uncertainty or even surprise? Paying attention to non-verbal communication enables us to see these things. Studies have also shown that an increased emotional intelligence correlates with more deals and greater customer satisfaction.

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